A sweet practice that brings silence and the art of attention. Patience is fostered and quieting the mind is the process. These classes are for creating not only space in the physical body but to create space between your thoughts and emotions. Immerse yourself into the quiet.


This is for you who wants some flow to your life. A bit of sweat and whole lotta breathing. These classes bring a bit of depth to everything in your body and may focus on certain parts to further deepen the experience. The intention in these classes is to truly learn embodiment and to help you challenge yourself in your practice.  #thesweatlife



In depth classes for all levels. Have an injury?  Try YogaFlex! Completely new to yoga?  Jivamukti Basic is your go-to class. Want to connect to the very essence of your being? Himalayan Kundalini is for you! Or maybe you want to deepen and learn more about a sepcific are of your practice? Then check out our 2h extended classes that we proudly present to you a couple of times each semester!! 

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