In Ida's yoga classes you get a calm but energizing practice. Her style is a good mix of alignment-based yoga & mindful breathing, creative sequencing, with sprinkles of meditation, and free intuitive movement. You will use your whole body during the class, and after the class, you will feel calm and experience a deeper connection with yourself.

Her main interest lies in the combination yoga + embodiment which has been her path to the experience of greater freedom, security, and joy in life. She facilitates hours in an open, warm, and inclusive way.

Ida has over 1000RYT hours of training behind her since she completed her first education in yoga in 2010 and with her curiosity to find the core of yoga, she has studied and practiced a number of different directions - from the precise and alignment-based direction Iyengar, to the intense discipline Ashtanga to creative and modern directions of Vinyasa. In recent years, she has chosen to immerse herself specifically in the study and practice of Embodied FlowTM. She also offers one-on-one in-depth exclusive programs for you who wants to go deeper in your practice.

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