Krissa is a 200hr and 500hr certified Dharma Yoga teacher who has trained directly underneath Sri Dharma Mittra in New York, known as “The Teacher’s Teacher” and author of the Master Chart of 908 poses. She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and is currently 1 of 2 Dharma teachers in the whole of Norway. 


Krissa’s classes are her way of sharing this feeling with others and passing along what tips, tricks and knowledge she has picked up over the years. The goal is not to teach the hardest class or aim to be the best. The goal is to make yoga more accessible, interesting and playful. When we are open and receptive, then the power of yoga really starts to reveal itself. 

My morning routine: 15-20 mins of meditation and pranayama, drink a glass of water with my multivits and supplements, have a bowl of cereal/granola with fresh fruit, clear all my inboxes, think about what I want to achieve today, make the bed!


The world needs more of: Gratitude, Humility, Faith


I believe in: The power of thoughts and the ability to change our experience of this life by choosing to see the positive and the light in everything.  


Love is: What we do, not what we say. A choice we make every day. Home <3


I can't get enough of: Cereal, avocados, lush music playlists, travelling, looking at the moon, nice typography and … snuggles!


Yoga is: My way of giving back. A way of life. A tool that helps us get back in touch with our own spirituality and innermost self. 


My mantra: 

Live every day with Grace, Humility, Strength, Hope and Trust.


Collect moments, not things.


"Today I am grateful for…"


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