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SEPTEMBER 17th - 21st, 2020

Join Tonje on a healing journey through your natal chart.


As you may already know, the astrological natal chart is an intricate mix of planets, signs and houses, and depending on when and where you are born, your life’s blueprint is made. Thus, your own personal natal chart can be viewed as a map to your soul in regards to personal, professional and spiritual growth, and a blueprint of your life’s potential.

Throughout this retreat you will be learning the basics needed to start interpreting your own astrological birth chart. You will be learning about signs, planets, houses and aspects, but more importantly you will learn about YOU. 


Through teachings, journaling prompts and meditation on the astrological archetypes,, you will get to dive deep into your own chart, your own light and shadow, and, trough investigating your own "energetic make up", hopefully find some more clarity around you, your life and your souls journey.

In addition to astrology lessons before and after lunch Friday – Sunday, there will be three yummy and nourishing meals pr day, daily morning vinyasa yogastrology® classes, evening yin, meditation and yoga nidra, a Thursday night night New Moon Yoga + Cacao Ceremony, and a closing ceremony Sunday night.

It will be an intimate experience, as we have room only for 11 special souls on this journey.

No prior knowledge required. All levels welcome ♡



  • 4 day, 5 night stay at Nedre Skinnes Gård (all rooms are shared occupancy)

  • 3 delicious meals per day  (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) + dinner on arrival day & breakfast on departure day.

  • Daily astrology lessons, deep diving into your personal Astrology Chart

  • Astrology worksheets and printouts to take home

  • Daily yoga morning + evening
    - morning yoga flow
    - evening yin, meditation and yoga nidra

  • Beltane Cacao Ceremony on the night of the New Moon.

  • Closing ceremony Sunday night.

  • Spacious yoga tipi with a lake view for meditation and yoga.



  • Transport to/from Nedre Skinnes Gård

  • Bring your own bed sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase.

  • Bing your own yoga mat.



  • DEPOSIT: 950,- (to secure your spot)


    • Regular: 4000,- NOK* (Deposit paid  BEFORE March 1st)

    • Yogastrology Alumni: 3300,- NOK*

*Leela Members get 10% off – use code LEELAYOGA



Located halfway between Krøderen and Noresund, at the bottom of Norefjell, nestled in-between tall pines and with a stunning view of Krøderfjordens beautiful shoreline. Nedre Skinnes gård is the perfect retreat place for people who are looking for relaxation and stillness, a place for people who are longing for something unusual.


Throughout the retreat, there will be fresh and nourishing food prepared for you at all meals. All meals will be vegetarian and/or pescetarian. For full vegetarian/vegan-, lactose- ,and/or gluten free- meals, or if you have any other allergies, please let us know so we can accommodate your needs.



The yoga shala is made out of an 82m2 Lavvo with heated  wooden floors, a panoramic fjord view and wooden fire place. Pure Magic! 



Located only 30 meters from the shore, this beautiful cabin has 7 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and space for 12 around the table.  All rooms are shared accommodation. 



  • Anyone can join! Regardless of level, age or prior abilities.

  • Food allergies can be accommodated for! Simply let us know.


Tonje Naess is a proud owner of Leela Yoga Studio in the heart of Oslo, Norway.


In addition to being a yoga teacher, Tonje is a Shamanic Healing Practitioner and astrologer, and has been teaching yoga and leading retreats, trainings  and workshops in Norway and around the world for the last 8 years.  


Find Tonje on her website Magic is Something you Make or on Instagram @tonje.naess.

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