Veronica Bruce is a dancer, choreographer and artist - whose work focuses around, to and from the body. She has developed her work to practices incorporating a functional and holistic approach to movement, health and medicine. Veronica holds a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in London and in contemporary dance from Skolen for Samtidsdans i Oslo. She is also certified with a teacher training in yin yoga and courses in meditation, aromatherapy, massage practices and anatomy.


Being diagnosed with a series of chronic illnesses a few years ago she found a particular relationship to yin yoga, and the experiences of practicing a deeper listening, acknowledging and care for ones own body.

Through her teaching with yin she focuses on increasing depth through learning to sink in and unfold, practicing to be supported and receive. Allowing for an understanding of the multitude, layers and nuances of our body and how things are connected. In her classes Veronica incorporates breathing techniques, aromatherapy and gentle touch to enforce yin and restorative practices.

My morning routine: I have the slowest mornings having made that a sacred time, even if it means working longer through the evening. Sometimes I run a hot bath with Arnica oil. Or simply sit with my coffee for a really long time before moving to the days' schedule, answering emails or heading to my studio. 


The world needs more of: Empathy


I believe in: Friendship, intimacy, nature, repetition, respect


Love is: Uncompromising, liberating, tough, surprising and warm


I can't get enough of: Textures, movement, cooking, creating, touch


Yoga is: Patience, harmony, energy, and joy 


My mantra: “Silence is a source of great strength.”



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